"One Sound One Song" is what distinguishes zenguitar.com from all other guitar/music-related sites. It is the musical heart of Zen Guitar.

"One Sound One Song" is both a musical teaching method and a loosely structured composition, written by the author, that is held out as a path to musical transcendence. It consists of 12 basic themes that can be woven together organically, depending on mood of the player and the moment, and played for any length of time. Thus each composition, while consisting of the same elements, is unique in its own right. No two performances of the "song" are the same.

The "One Sound One Song" concept serves several purposes:

1. It gives zenguitar.com a unique aesthetic identity.

2. It provides a musical means of teaching the spirit and principles of Zen Guitar, through lessons, method books, videos, and workshops. A method book explaining the system is currently in production. Video and workshop programs will follow.

3. It provides the structural basis for jam sessions between players unfamiliar with each other, and gives the ZG "practice hall" an organizing logic.

4. It provides the basis for performance and recordings by the author, creating a fan base for his musical works.


"OSOS" as an Internet art project:

In the days of LP records, the most continuous music an artist could present was about 25 minutes a side. The advent of the CD made it possible to offer about 80 minutes of continuous music. The Internet, with streaming audio, now makes it possible to offer a never-ending song. That is what "One Sound One Song" proposes to be: one continuous song, morphing through time, out to infinity, never ending. Listeners would be free to tune in and tune out of the song as they please. Guest artists would be invited to "take over" the song at various intervals, adding to or changing the composition. These guests would be announced in advance, creating special events and listening moments.


"OSOS" as live performance:

The Zen Guitar Project would tour and perform "One Sound One Song" via the traditional route of club venues and concert halls. But the concept also lends itself to street performances, festivals, art galleries, schools, and meditation centers. In addition, there is an opportunity for experimental performances as well. In the same manner that Chuck Berry tours alone, using local musicians at every venue who are familiar with his songbook, a Zen Guitar tour ould consist of the author performing "One Sound One Song" with local musicians trained in the Zen Guitar method at various stops (see the Zen Guitar Jam Band). Eventually, as more people become trained in the ZG method, the author envisions huge-scale jam sessions, using OSOS as the means to create the largest jam in the world--Peace through Zen Guitar.

All performances would be recorded and uploaded onto the website. In addition, Dojo members would be invited to record/perform their own versions of "One Sound One Song," which could then be compiled for release through the ZG Dojo. In the spirit of Zen Guitar, songwriting royalties from "One Sound One Song" could go toward charitable activities.

To hear a sample of "One Sound One Song," click here

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