Zen Guitar: One Sound One Song 2007
Celebrating the Art & Philosophy of Philip Toshio Sudo and the release of The Book of Six Strings, the sequel to Zen Guitar.
Friday April 13th 10pm @ MO' PITKINS (House of Satisfaction), 34 Ave A, New York City

The third installment of Zen Guitar: One Sound One Song exceeded even the most optimistic expectations as far as turnout, artistic excellence and most importantly a caring and sharing community atmosphere that was inspired by the words, sounds & spirit of author-musician Phil Toshio Sudo.

Also that night the world got its first glimpse of The Book of Six Strings, the long awaited sequel to Zen Guitar that was completed by Tobias Hurwitz, and we celebrated accordingly.

From the downtempo emotional honesty of Deafened By Love to the flamenco-like stylings of NYC cultural ambassador Benoir, from the psychedelic soul of Felice Rosser & Faith to the uplifting strummings of Steve Liberace, the impressive array of performers and their approaches clearly illustrated the wide and diverse impact Zen Guitar had on the participants.

We were treated to Marc Stern's two guyz on one guitar, Terry Gourley's heartfelt vocals & guitar, a fine version of Sudo's "One Song" as performed by Julien & Rocky that was later reprised by the Tobias Hurwitz Band, whose finale performance simply sent people into a ZG frenzy.

There were readings by Jack Silbert and Sal Principato, who hosted the night in a true One Sound One Song manner, improvisational with moments of clarity tempered by rambling asides that he'd recover from in order to bring the point home.

It was a night Phil Toshio Sudo himself would have enjoyed.

This was the first ZG event held at Mo' Pitkin's in the East Village of New York City, and it proved to be a warm & welcoming venue where all in the standing room only crowd had view lines and access to the performers. Truly, not a discouraging word was heard.

Stay in touch… The folks involved with the ZG: OSOS are making plans to take the show on the road, and if you can't wait for that to happen, feel free to organize your own version of a One Sound One Song festival. Let us know if we can help.

For information: salvatp@aol.com

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More News from the One Sound One Song Festival 2007:
The Book of Six Strings is on Track for Release at the Festival!

The Book of Six Strings


This book by Philip Toshio Sudo and Tobias Hurwitz is a the long awaited follow-up to Zen Guitar. Packed with musical examples and Phil Sudo's "One Sound One Song" composition, the book extends the Zen Guitar philosophy and enables readers to delve more deeply into their spirituality and musical understanding.

For more information or to pre-order the book, please click here; or to download a pdf of promotional information about the book, click here.



OSOS flyerOne Sound One Song Festival 2007!
Celebrating the Art & Philosophy of Philip Toshio Sudo
and the release of "The Book of Six Strings", the sequel to Zen Guitar

Friday April 13th 10pm @ MO' PITKINS (House of Satisfaction)
34 Ave A (between 2nd & 3rd St)
New York City

Plans are now in the works for the next ZG: One Sound One Song Festival in New York City on April 13th 2007 at Mo' Pitkins. This free event will coincide with the publishing of The Book Of Six Strings (National Guitar Workshop/Alfred Publications), the sequel to Phil Sudo's Zen Guitar. Organizers hope to make this OSOS event the most relevant and celebratory acknowledgment of the cultural contributions of Phil Toshio Sudo, his writing, his music, and his spirit.

Those interested in participating or attending can contact Sal Principato at salvatp@aol.com


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Book News:

The Language of the Blues coverThe Language of the Blues
From Alcorub to Zuzu
by Debra Desalvo

Think you know something about the blues?  I’d be willing to bet there aren’t many modern aficionados of the genre who won’t learn something from Debra DeSalvo’s remarkable new book.

If the subtitle makes you think this is going to be a dictionary of blues terminology, you’re thinking a vintage Gibson ES-335 is a Daisy Rock Heartbreaker.  Not that the Heartbreaker is a bad guitar, but there’s just no way it’s going to be as deep, rich, and soulful as the ES-335.  And that’s the way this book is.  Even simple terms like “hip” get traced back the their roots in Africa, and throughout the book the origins of the language  of the blues in the culture of slavery, reconstruction, and the birth of urban black society gets illuminated in DeSalvo’s clear, inviting prose, a writing style that’s always comfortable and literate.

The research that must have gone into creating this book is staggering.  Each entry is replete with history and context, as well as anecdotes and comments featuring major and lesser-known figures in the history of the blues.  Behind it all is an obvious reverence for the music and the players who embody the blues; DeSalvo’s own musicianship clearly not only gives her insight into her subject, but reads as a kind of music in the prose itself.

This is a book that’s hard to put down once you pick it up.  It’s a fascinating read for anyone interested in the blues; but particularly for guitarists, it’s a book you won’t want to miss.

The Language of the Blues, published by Billboard Books, is available in bookstores everywhere, and online at Amazon.


Debra DeSalvo, long-time member of the Zen Guitar Dojo, has a new CD.

Hoboken Demo has three new songs, performed by Deb and her band, bassist Duke and drummer John Hummel; a true power trio.

Welcome to the Boneyard is a love song sent back from beyond the grave, and features a beautiful stinging slide guitar solo reminiscent of later George Harrison. Like 'Boneyard', When It Comes Down kicks off with a spare, almost melancholy arrangement, but kicks into another gear with distorted power chords ushering in the second chorus. This tune really shows off the power of Deb's heartfelt vocals, from delicate and sweet to soaring over her muscular guitar. The solo at the end of the song goes from volume swells to singing sustained melodic lines, ending with Hendrixian arpeggios that take the tune through its fade out. The trio of tunes rounds out with All That I Need, a change of pace to an upbeat pop melody tightly arranged around close harmonies with a crowd-pleasing hook.

Click here to listen.

HarperSanFrancisco has issued a new edition of Phil Sudo's book Zen 24/7 and a paperback edition of Zen Sex.

Library Journal calls Zen Sex "...quite attractive and sweet: a gift book for lovers or potential lovers that's well referenced and detailed about the art and poetry."

Of Zen 24/7, Publishers Weekly says: "Those who say they have no time for meditation will relish this humorous but perceptive book."

The new edition of Zen 24/7 includes an introduction about Phil's life and death, written by Phil's wife Tracy.

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Also, Philip Toshio Sudo's music now featured in a new documentary, The Tao of Poetry

Filmmaker John Haynes has assembled a compendium of poet Howard McCord’s life and work that can stand as a model for future efforts to reveal a poet’s nature, the soul of his art. This story of a great poet features music by Philip Toshio Sudo, Martin Jack Rosenblum, and The Noisettes.

It’s exhilarating to have this film of one of the finest living poets this country has produced, one of the last in the lineage of Olson, Duncan, Snyder. Perhaps, finally, it will help foster the recognition his work deserves.


Click here for more information.


Featuring Zen Guitarists Live!

DEVI (Deb DeSalvo):

FRIDAY NOV 16: Devi with Wiser Time at John & Peter's in New Hope, PA

WED NOV 28: Deb solo acoustic at Ace of Clubs in NYC with Elizabeth Diaz, Wiser Time, Black Market Radio.
$8 on www.ticketweb.com $10 day of show

"Happiness is a warm amp... We've got gigs in November with some good friends who happen to have seriously hot rock bands... DEVI is Deb DeSalvo's new power trio, and it's apt that the band name is the Hindi word for goddess. The petite, pantheonic powerhouse is one of the few guitarists alive who can actually pull off a long, expressive solo without sounding ridiculously self-indulgent. A master of touch, tone and shading, she's also a supersonic fret-burner with a deep feel for the blues and writes hauntingly memorable, minor-key songs. Expect lots of crescendos and a passionate, intense show." TrifectaGRAM April 5 2007 "One of the great guitar players of our time. If adrenaline, crescendos, and fiery, virtuosic, heartwrenchingly beautiful playing are something you would enjoy, get your ass down there."
Lucid Culture


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