You are invited to join the Zen Guitar Jam Band. Or start your own. All you need do is the following:

1. Read the Zen Guitar book.

2. Learn "One Sound One Song"

3. Be in tune.

4. Align your rhythm with the rhythm of the band.

5. Play in the spirit of Zen Guitar.

The instrument you play doesn't matter. It can be a guitar, conga, harmonica, vocals, violin, bassoon, shamisen, digeridoo--whatever means you use to express yourself. You can dance if you want to. Paint a picture. Bang on a can. So long as you're willing to listen first and fit your sound into the sound of the larger group, you're welcome to join in. Together we can make this the biggest jam band in the world.

Where can I join in? At present, there are no jams scheduled. Eventually the Dojo envisions staging ZG Jams at various workshops and locales around the world (street festivals, schools, art galleries, etc.). If you would like to help schedule one in your area, contact the Dojo. Watch this space for listings as they arise. The Dojo also plans to create a continuous, online jam session as broadband technology permits (see the Zen Guitar Plan).

How can I start my own Zen Guitar Jam Band? If you'd like to play "One Sound One Song" in your area or introduce the song to your existing band, ask for a copy of the "One Sound One Song" CD. We'll send you one free. The only proviso is that you send back a tape/file/disc of your version of the song so we can upload it onto the site. (Note: A Zen Guitar Method Book that teaches "One Sound One Song" is currently in production. It will include detailed information on how to play the song. See the Zen Guitar Method.)

May the whole exceed the sum of the parts.