The Zen Guitar Method is an alternative means of teaching the guitar, founded on the composition "One Sound One Song." The method works for beginners and advanced players alike. It consists of 12 basic themes that can be woven together organically, depending on mood of the player and the moment, and played for any length of time. In learning these 12 themes, beginning students learn the basic fundamentals of the guitar. (See "Zen Guitar Tips on Tuning" on the Lessons page for a preview of the "ZG No Fingers Method" and "ZG One Finger Method" for absolute beginners.) In weaving them together, intermediate and advanced players learn the fundamentals of composition, as well as experience the feeling of spiritual transcendence through music.

The method is modeled on martial arts training, with the basic themes of "One Sound One Song" serving the same function as martial arts kata. In the martial arts, kata (meaning "style" or "model") are basic punches and blocks practiced over and over again until they become part of muscle memory. Students continue practicing the same kata for years, constantly refining their movements, energy, and focus, even as they advance from white belt to black belt.

The idea of kata is the same in Zen Guitar. Students trained in the ZG method thus learn how to perform the "One Sound One Song" composition for themselves, as well as in collaboration with others. Each time through becomes a new opportunity for perfection, and a chance to feel the "lift off" of musical transcendence. (In live performance, the author himself has been playing "OSOS"--to the exclusion of any other songs--for more than seven years.)

A Zen Guitar method book is currently in production, with plans for an instructional video and workshops as well.

To hear an audio sample of "One Sound One Song," follow the links to Guitar Nine Records on the CD purchase page. (Audio files of OSOS will be uploaded to this site once the Dojo secures adequate server space. If you have server space to contribute for this purpose, see Job Postings/Help Wanted.)

Once you learn the song, join the Zen Guitar Jam Band.

Together we go, higher and higher.

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