If you're a musician with audio files on the 'Net, here's a place to get heard. On a rotating basis, ZG Radio will feature the music of dojo members who provide a link to their Internet audio files. (For tips on how to create music files, check out www.mp3.com.)

Email your link to zen_gtr@maui.net (subject heading: ZG Radio). Include a brief description of your music and, preferably, why your work fits within the spirit of the Zen Guitar Dojo. In the future, as technological capabilities permit, ZG Radio will be looking to evolve into a real-time media outlet. For more details, read the Zen Guitar Plan.

Current Playlist:

Alexander Vynograd

Alexander Vynograd plays an 8-string guitar, a new musical instrument with unique pitch, devices, and repertoire. Specially for Zen spirit are following pieces:




Alexander Vynograd <vyn@domestic.de, www.vynograd.de>


Shanghai Love Motel

"Shanghai Love Motel is one of New York's better-planned secrets. Painstakingly assembled from the detrius of old dashboard-banging radio hits, possibly misheard jazz changes and post-graduate theses, and then abruptly disassembled, their sound is at once familiar and uncategorizable. A whiff of the mixing pot (to change the metaphor) reveals traces of all epochs of life-giving two-guitars-bass-and-drums rock and roll from the dawn of the garage and before. Along with mastering every conceivable song in the key of E, the band evinces an ambition to explore and explode (and refasten) all the normal limits of structure, melody, harmony, lyrics, timbre and genre in the rock and roll song--to set off hundreds of those little charges of nitro in the brain and feet. They are, in short, Shanghai Love Motel, and dare anyone to prove otherwise."


Tony Whetstone

"Instrumentally my music is based in traditional blues and country. Upon that foundation, I build songs that are relevant for my experience, so that I can sing the lyrics honestly. The lyrics are often noted for startling images or subtle humor, as in the line 'the moon hung so low, I swear I saw Neil Armstrong's footprints glow' from the song 'One More Summer of Love.' Although never having formally practiced any sort of Zen meditation, I began learning about Zen many years ago while reading a copy of Zen Flesh, Zen Bones given to me by a friend. What drew me first was the humor I perceived in the book. It had been a few years since I thought much about Zen when I bought Zen Guitar last year. I began having many of those feelings I had when I first discovered Zen coupled with a new discipline for the guitar which I'd never known before. The song 'One More Summer of Love' which is posted at my website was written during this time and I think it reflects that spirit musically and lyrically. Another song 'Blues for Robert Johnson,' is very different in spirit, being much more aggressive and perhaps reflecting my new dedication to the instrument. Thanks for a great book."


Charles Rathmann

 Charles Rathmann is a guitarist, writer and professional communicator living in the lake country of Southeastern Wisconsin. All of this guitar playing and working during the day eats into his fishing time, but the sacrifice is necessary.

Rathmann's sound has mellowed over time into a bluesy, Latin groove style. His guitar guru Jim "Rockin' Jimmy" Crimmins has been a bigger influence on him than anyone else. But other influences include Carlos Santana, Robben Ford, Buzz Feiten, Mike Stern, Charlie Parker and Jean Michael Jarre.

Rathmann, who studied journalism and religion at the University of Wisconsin, is co-author, with Crimmins, of the hot-selling guitar instructional book, "Rockin' Jimmy's Daily Guitar Workout." The book is designed to help students drill the physical side of playing into their hands to they can effortlessly express themselves in real-time.

The duo is currently working on a book on improvisation.


Drowning Noah

ZG reader Paul Knowles sends this link to his Arizona-based band, featuring Nic Storto, who quotes the wisdom of The Tao of Pooh (by Benjamin Hoff): "Rabbit's clever and he has brain, I suppose that's why he never UNDERSTANDS anything." Paul says, "Be sure to visit my friend Adrian Belew's site as well... a true ZEN guitarist."